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Use these high-quality animal calls to attract predators while hunting!

Predator calls include many animal noises that are designed to catch the attention of large predator animals in the wilderness. In nature, when a hungry predator is looking for prey, they use their keen sense of hearing to detect and stalk smaller animals nearby. As a hunter, you can use these small animal sounds to attract rare predators. If you are trying to attract mountain lions, wolves or other large meat-eating animals, this is the app for you!

The predator calls featured in this app include many small animal noises, from rodents squeaking to small pigs squealing. Cats meowing and small dogs barking also get the attention of predators looking for a meal. Even birds are target prey for predators and the app contains honking, gobbling, clucking and cawing sounds from geese, turkeys, chickens, and crows. For large predators, even small coyotes can be targets, so you’ll find coyote howling and yelping noises too.

For your next big hunting trip, be sure to take the predator sounds with you! Don’t exhaust yourself tracking large animals - the power is in your hands to call them directly to your location instead! Trick them, don’t track them!