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What birds live near here? Where can I find new birds to add to my life list? BirdsEye is the only field guide that gives you an instant answer to this question, from your phone at home or around the world! BirdsEye is a simple but essential tool for birders and naturalists of any level, and is finally available for Android! BirdsEye is the ultimate birding field guide that shows you where the birds are, and helps you identify birds around you by showing you what other people are reporting. Identification has never been easier! BirdsEye also provides essential distribution, behavior and habitat text from noted field guide author Kenn Kaufman and other regional experts to help you find the bird once you get to the right spot. Stunning and detailed photographs from many top birders, bird photographers and guides will help remind you of the field marks you're looking for. BirdsEye is perfect for identifying the birds that are coming to your feeder, preparing for a trip on the other side of the world, or just want to know what is in your local patch. The free/basic version of BirdsEye gives you instant access to the 100 most common birds in your area, which is great for beginning and casual birders. Paid subscriptions options give you access to every species in your region or worldwide. Our mission is to promote citizen science projects like eBird. For about the price of a cup of coffee per month, signing up for a subscription helps us continue to improve BirdsEye and pursue our mission. Thank you!! "Best invention for birding since binoculars"... Kenn Kaufman, author of the famed Kaufman Field Guides to Birds of North America "A landmark in birding"… John Fitzpatrick, Director, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology INSTANT BIRD LISTS • See customized lists of birds reported recently near you, at any birding hotspot across the world, or any random point on the map! • Explore the map to see what has been reported at popular birding hotspots like Cape May in North America, Mai Po in Asia, Iguazu Falls in South America and thousands more • Barcharts showing seasonal abundance for each bird. • See recent eBird sightings for any species PERFECT FOR LISTING • See a list of “needs” - species recently reported nearby that aren't on your selected life or year list • Automatically sync your life or year lists with eBird for the ABA area, world, country, state or even county! TRIP PLANNING • Find out what birds are being reported near your next destination, so you can target new life birds, study up on birds you aren't familiar with, and be more prepared! • Bird finding tips will help you know where to look, and how to separate it from other similar species. • Find additional content in the in-app Store for other continents, including sounds, images and bird-finding tips from local experts. • Support for bird names in multiple languages and local bird names including English (US, UK, Australia, UAE), Español (local bird name options for Argentina, Chile, México, Panamá and more), Finnish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and more BIRD GUIDE STORE We have partnered with, the premier online store selling bird sounds packages for many regions around the world. Access these extensive collections of bird songs tailored for traveling birders from right inside of BirdsEye. Current offerings are: • Bird Sounds of Costa Rica • Bird Sounds of Brazil • Bird Sounds of Nicaragua • Bird Sounds of Venezuela • Bird Sounds of Mexico • Bird Sounds of Northern Siberia • Bird Sounds of Sri Lanka • Bird Sounds of Australia • Bird Sounds of Peru • Bird Sounds of Colombia • Bird Sounds of Belgium and Holland We are committed to supporting the birding community and bird conservation through the eBird project. We think they are worth it—now and for the future of birds and their habitats.